Sofa Cleaning

Sofa CleaningNeed sofa cleaning on affordable price? Want to impress your guests with a nice and bright living room? Why not hire the services of the SWCarpetCompany professional upholstery cleaning company? We have more than 10 years of experience in dealing just about any type of sofa or other upholstered furniture. We work with private and business customers in South West London. All our cleaners are well trained and experienced. They use the latest cleaning technologies and tools. All detergents used are natural, eco-friendly and safe for children and animals. The cleaners can clean even the most delicate silk and suede sofas safely. We can also help you treat small flakes and cracks, and to condition your leather furniture.

Once you pick the upholstery cleaning services  you also get:

  • Stain pre-treatment and removal included in the price
  • No deposit required for booking
  • Same day booking available

To find out what the rug cleaning price for the service you want is, call 02037463202. You can also send an online inquiry here too. Our operators from customer support are there for you. The price offer you receive is free and non-binding.


Insured Sofa Cleaning Service


The company operates in South West London, offering fully insured upholstery services to the residential and commercial customers. All cleaners are professionals who are trained and experienced to clean any type of upholstery. They can also handle nearly any type of stain. The cleaner provides a pre-inspection upon arrival. It is to determine the type of material the upholstery is made of. Also, to find stains which are removable and pre-treat them. For safety sakes, the cleaner always performs tests of all solutions used. It is done on a small inconspicuous area before the solutions are applied to the entire upholstery. The type of cleaning provided largely depends on the material of the upholstery.

The upholstery cleaning service can be combined with deep carpet or rug cleaning. This will lead to serious discounts in the price.


Deep Cleaning Methods


Depending on the type of material your upholstery is made of, the cleaners can either steam clean it or dry clean it. When the sofa cleaning technician determines which solution needs to be used, a test is performed on a small hidden area just in case. Also, the cleaner inspects the sofa or another piece of furniture for removable stains. He or she makes an estimate of the removable stains and pre-treats them with the suitable solutions. If the upholstery can be steam cleaned, then the cleaner uses a water and detergent mix in a steam cleaner to wash the entire upholstery. After that, the furniture is rinsed with clean water in the form of steam once again. During the process, nearly 95% of the water is extracted back into the machine, which makes drying faster and easier.

If the upholstery is not resistant or does not respond well to water, the cleaner will use dry cleaning. The furniture is hoovered thoroughly. The dry cleaning foam or powder is applied to the upholstery with a special machine. It is injected deep into the furniture and left to connect with the residue, dust and dirt. Then it is vacuumed off.


Cleaning Leather Upholstery


All our employees are experienced in cleaning and handling all kinds of upholstery, including leather. They can even help treat minor flaking and cracking of your leather furniture. The experts apply the appropriate sofa cleaning solution to clean the leather sofa or other furniture. Then any small flakes and cracks are treated with another solution. At the end, the entire upholstery is conditioned, so that the leather does not dry off and crack. After the cleaning, the furniture will look shiny and new.


Book SWCarpetCompany


We have done our best to make the booking process as straightforward and easy as possible! In order to book one or more of our cleaning services, just dial 02037463202. If you prefer, you can fill out the online form. The customer support staff will process your request, and you will get written confirmation within 2 hours, no matter what time or day it is. Booking is available for any day of the year. You will not be charged extra for booking a service for the weekend or a bank holiday. You will get a sizeable discount for choosing more than one cleaning service at the same time. Booking an emergency cleaning service for the same day is also possible. No deposit is required, so reserve your upholstery cleaning service today!