TestimonialsTestimonials: Our happy clients share their experience with our professional cleaning company.

I just moved into a new rented flat, but since my two children are still toddler, I decided to keep on the safe side and order a deep carpet cleaning. When I found that you offer upholstery cleaning as well, I decided to do it all.  In a matter of a couple of hours, my new home was completely sanitized, smells great, and I can now safely let my babies crawl around the floor of the living room. Thanks for the quick and professional service!

Mrs. G. Spencer

I wasn’t sure that anything can help with the chocolate cake stain on my suede sofa. I’m glad I decided to call SWCarpetCompany because not only did they remove the nasty stain, but they also cleaned by sofa perfectly.  They even applied a protective spray, to keep it from staining in the future. I love how my old sofa looks like I have just bought it!

Mandy Woods

Yes, the carpet cleaning machine was a bit noisy, but the cleaning was so fast that I don’t mind the noise at all.  I want to thank the cleaning person who was not only very friendly but also gave me some great advice on how to keep my rugs and upholstery clean for longer! Brilliant chap! Thank you.

Roger Robertson

I can’t believe the discount I got when I ordered a combined carpet and mattress deep cleaning! It is almost as if I just paid for one service only.  Yet I got two!  Now my home smells great and I swear I can feel that the air is cleaner and breathing is easier now!

I will definitely be returning to the services of SWCarpetCompany!

Mary Cole

The cleaner had mixed up my address with another booking, so there was some tardiness, but given the express rug cleaning service he provided and the price I paid for that, I cannot be happier. Great value for the high-quality service provided! I definitely recommend SWCarpetCompany.

Brian Richardson

My bedroom rug had started looking like a white sheepskin rug as a result of all the hairs from my two precious Turkish Angora cats, so I knew that I needed professional help to get it to look normal once again.  My sister in law recommended SWCarpetCompany, and I must say I am quite impressed with the fast reaction to my call.  I managed to get a cleaning appointment for 2 days later.

The cleaner was very kind and nice, and did an absolutely brilliant job!

Now my rug is back to its pretty colourful self.  The cats too are happy because all the cleaning detergents used are safe for animals and people.

Molly Evans

After I suffered from a terrible bout of eczema last month, my dermatologist gave me a very useful tip. He suggested I deep clean my mattress because sometimes skin irritations can be caused by the dust mites and other microorganisms in there.

The cleaner used a special lamp, which he claimed will kill all germs.  I did feel a bit skeptical at first, but I have definitely felt much better and less itchy since the deep cleaning.

The procedure just took 15 minutes but it has made such a difference to my quality of sleep and life, that I will most definitely be using it again!

Sarah Walls

I am a business property manager, and my customers are all very firm about the level of cleanliness in the building they expect.  I must say, that the regular carpet cleaning which (Company name) has been providing me for about 6 months now, has not once let me down.  The expectations of the renters are met, and I am happy with the preferential price I get as a regular customer and property manager.

I will keep relying on the professional cleaning services of SWCarpetCompany!

Walter Jones

The smell of dog urine at home was becoming unbearable until we finally housebroke our pup. Unfortunately even after he started doing his business outdoors, the smell was still quite pungent. I decided to get some professional help.  I was embarrassed to show my carpet to the cleaner, but he was so friendly and understanding that I quickly put all nervousness behind me.

He was done in about an hour, and after the stain removal and washing, he even applied some deodorant. Now, 24 hours later there is no sign of that dog piss smell, and all I can feel is the fresh odour of a clean and perfumed carpet.

Carmen Martin

I purchased a very expensive Persian rug at an auction and did some very serious asking around and research for a carpet cleaning company which I could entrust with the job to clean it.

After a week of research, I narrowed it down to SWCarpetCompany, and I must say I am so happy I took the time to ask around for a trusted professional cleaning company.

They did a splendid job.  My rug looks absolutely beautiful and vibrant thanks to them.

I definitely will be recommending this company to all my friends!

Martin Brown