We have managed to cover all the cleaning requests sent by our customers. That is not an easy task, though. SWCarpetCompany is operating by following strict principles. We aim to adapt and provide complex cleaning services. A strong reason to be on top of the cleaning providers in the area. The careful approach and long lasting cleaning techniques are something we are proud of. By getting our domestic cleaning services you are saving a lot of time and effort. The cleaning detergents we are using are up to date. The leader in the business Prochem is among our partners. You as a client should be determined and calm that we are using one of the best solutions around. Check the services that we offer.


Carpet Cleaning


Carpet cleaning is SWCarpetCompany’s main cleaning service. You will be amazed of the fast and smooth techniques. We invested a lot of effort here. The carpet cleaners maintain nothing but high-quality performance and illustrious utility. Almost all kind of carpets and fibres included. The cleaning experts use only green and absolutely safe detergents. See our detailed carpet cleaning page for further details.


Rug Cleaning


We have amazing cleaning deals right now! The cleaners are fully capable of managing all kinds of traditional rugs. We can handle with easy an Oriental rug, Turkish rug, Persian rug, handmade carpet, Asian rug and more. You are most than welcomed to advise the specialists or simply share your experience. The cleaning staff is using a pretreatment rug cleaning approach to determine the most convenient technique.


Mattress Cleaning


SWCarpetCompany also provides top mattress cleaning services at great price rates. Get rid of all the bacteria and bugs in no time. The professional cleaners remove any types of dust mites as well. Make your child’s room clean and tidy right away.


Sofa Cleaning


The cleaners we hire are fully capable of providing expert upholstery and sofa cleaning services. They use one of the two advanced methods: steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Be kind enough to share the full details about your furniture. We will do the rest. Eco-friendly detergents, child and pet safe.


Bus Cleaning


We offer professional bus cleaning to our important corporate clients. The service is quick, efficient and TOTALLY environmentally friendly. The procedure includes hot water extraction cleaning of the seat belts and seats. Our professionals employ air-mover to speed up the drying process. The drying time for the places is between three and eight hours and it is best to keep few windows open until the seats have totally dried up. Floors get hoovered and cleaned with hot water extraction. Windows get sparkly clean from the within. Have in mind that to be able to carry out the service our expert specialists need entry to water and electricity within FIFTY meter.

Pick a service suitable for you! Please, feel free to choose not only the one that you need most. For making a multiple order you are going to receive a special price cut immediately. Contact us 02037463202 and learn more about that exclusive deals right now.