Mattress Cleaning

Mattress CleaningIf you suffer from dust allergies, then deep mattress cleaning is a must for you! SWCarpetCompany provides high quality, reliable and affordable mattress cleaning services in South West London. Mattresses are notorious for the quantity of dust mites and microbes which can live comfortably in them. They feed on the skin cells which we all lose while we are sleeping. Our experts can efficiently kill them. After that, we will remove as much of them and all the dust and other dirt from your mattress. We have been providing residential and commercial mattress cleaning services for more than a decade now.

If you order our mattress cleaning service, you are also guaranteed that:

  • 100% of all microorganisms in the mattress will be killed
  • Mattress cleaning is completely safe and eco-friendly
  • The service is available in any day of the year
  • Regular customers get preferential prices

To get a completely free price quote contact out customer support service. Call them at 02037463202 or send them an online request for an offer.  You will receive one pretty quickly.


Efficient Mattress Cleaning


 SWCarpetCompany specializes in residential and commercial mattress cleaning in South West London. We put a lot of effort and investments in the latest cleaning technologies and solutions.  Our goal is to guarantee that after our cleaning service, your mattress is perfectly safe to sleep in. This service is suitable for just any household as well as for hotels, hostels, hospitals and others. We offer efficient bed bug treatment as well. The methods used vary depending on your mattress, its condition and your requirements.  They can include: UV mattress cleaning, steam or dry cleaning.


What is UV Light Mattress Cleaning


This cleaning method is highly-efficient and quick. The cleaner uses high intensity UV light to kill all dust mites and other harmful germs in the mattress. They are hoovered out along with the dust with a professional vacuum. This procedure does not require moving or drying the mattress. The antimicrobial effect of this cleaning method continues up to 72 hours after the cleaning. The UV light cleaning will help remove unpleasant odours from the mattress too.


Deep Mattress Cleaning Methods


If you want deep mattress cleaning, we are ready to steam or dry clean your bed. After the mattress is hoovered thoroughly, it is either steam or dry cleaned. Steam cleaning is done with an eco-friendly solution, water and a powerful water extraction machine.  The mattress is shampooed and then rinsed off. Most of the water is extracted at that time, but the mattress still needs hours of drying time.  Steam cleaning does kill 100% of the microorganisms and all the dust and dirt stuck in the mattress. Dry cleaning is done with special dry cleaning powder which is applied on the mattress and left to sit. A professional vacuum cleaner is used to hoover it off along with all germs and dirt stuck to it. Make sure that you and your family sleep well and in safe bedrooms. Order our professional mattress cleaning services today!


Book SWCarpetCompany


You just need a couple of minutes to book our professional mattress cleaning services. Contact our customer support operators.  You can do that by calling 02037463202 or sending a booking request online here. They will promptly process your request. In the next two hours, you will receive written confirmation. It will arrive by e-mail and SMS. To get a discount, you can book more than one cleaning service at once. Regular customers get preferential prices. So do those who book early. If you are a landlord or an estate agency you will also get special prices! No deposit is required.  You will pay only after the service has been provided.