FAQQ: Do I need to hoover the carpet before you come? How do I prepare for the cleaning?

A: We will vacuum the carpet with a professional vacuum, so you can save yourself the time and effort for that.  Actually, the only thing you can do to prepare for our visit, is to remove the furniture from the carpet.  We can move small pieces of furniture, but since the cleaner is usually alone, large items cannot be moved.  If you can’t move them, we will take precautions to keep them safe from getting wet or being ruined by the cleaning.

Q: Can I have my cat and dog at home during the carpet cleaning. When is it safe to bring them back in at home?

A: All the solutions used are tested and safe for pets, children and the environment, so your pets can be in the house during the cleaning procedure.  It is safe to keep them away from the machinery though, just to avoid an accident.

Q: How will applying Scotchgard actually protect my rug?

A: Scotchgard is a Prochem certified protective solution, which when applied and once it dries will ensure that there is a protective layer on top of your carpet or upholstery, which will hold a spill for longer, not allowing it to be absorbed so quickly and to leave stains.  You will still need to clean the spill at some point though.

Q: I have two handmade Oriental rugs. Can you guarantee me that they will not be damaged during the cleaning?

A: Our company offers fully insured cleaning services.  All of our cleaners are vetted, trained and monitored at all times for quality and safety compliance.  They are experienced and can work with just about any type of rug or carpet, even antique ones.

Q: I would like to be present when the cleaners arrive so that I can point out some specific issues I want taken care of, but I am free only on Sundays. Can I book a carpet cleaning appointment on Sunday by any chance?

A: The company offers booking 365 days a year.  There is also same day emergency cleaning service available.

Q: Is it possible to get emergency carpet cleaning, because I am expecting important visitors in 3 days?

A: The company offers emergency, same day cleaning services.  Call our customer care center at 02037463202 now or send an online booking request.

Q: Can I trust that you get every single stain out of my carpet?

A: The company cannot give a full guarantee for absolutely every stain, because some of them are much too old to be treated while others are permanent and have permanently damaged the colour or fibres of the carpet.  Our cleaners will perform an assessment on the spot before proceeding with the cleaning, and will inform you which stains are treatable and which are not.

Q: How long will it take for my carpet to dry after the steam cleaning?

A: Thanks to the modern technology used, nearly 95% of all the water used in the washing process is extracted back into the machine.  This leaves just 5% which needs to dry. This will take about 3 to 4 hours in a well-ventilated room. Upon request, our cleaner can provide an air movement system which will speed up the drying by three times.

Q: Do I really need to deep clean my carpets once a year?

A: Such are the recommendations of most carpet makers as well as the health and carpet experts.  Not only will it provide better hygiene and decrease the harmful effect which all the germs, dust and residue can have on your health, but it will help you prolong the life of your carpet.  It will be rejuvenated and protected from becoming soiled and ruined from all the dirt and dust accumulating with years.

Q: I want to ask about my specific type of rug, because I have some concerns and cannot find any information on your site. Who should I contact?

A: Our customer support service is available for you.  You can call right now.  Just dial 02037463202 or send an online request.  The operators are very useful and will be back to you as soon as possible.